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Achtung, die kurve!

"Achtung die kurve!" is a multiplayer DOS snake game. It is also known as "Zatacka". Up to six players play on one keyboard using 2 keys each to move their snake to the left or the right.

The goal of the game is to steer your snake as long as possible without hitting a wall or another snake, and thus be the last snake alive on the playingfield. Every snake has it's own color: Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green and Orange. When a player hits a wall, or another snake, the player dies. The survivors get a point for each player that dies before they do. The first player to get a certain amount of points wins the game. Sometimes, holes will appear in the snakes and when that happens, you can drive through those holes.

A screenshot of the original "Achtung, die kurve!" game:

Achtung, die kurve


"CurveD" is a java clone of the original "Achtung, die kurve!" game, with a couple of additions like configurable controls, colors, gamespeed, turnspeed, amount of holes, ...

More info on CurveD and download: CurveD


"kurve*online" is a multiplayer version of CurveD, that is currently under construction. Everything will be redone from zero. If you would like to participate in the development of the game (java programming, graphics, ...) you can allways contact us.